“They’re Back…”

Curio Literary Magazine Has a New Beginning in 2020


In 2019 Curio opened its doors for both the second and first times. Let me explain…

Years ago Curio was a literary magazine published by West G students in a manner similar to the yearbook. It featured original pieces of writing, poetry, art and photography. In fact, a Curio group photo appears in the 1972 yearbook; that’s almost 50 years ago. Back then, however, the magazine was advised by Mrs. Cogswell, an art teacher. After a break, under the guidance of Mr. Marino, the current editor of Whirlwind, Curio picked back up for a few years.

“We had a nice run for a few years going back to about 2005, and the students produced some awesome work, but I could not meet with the staff all winter because of wrestling practice after school, so I had to give it up,” Marino said.

One way or another, Curio came to a close; students lost interest and advisors lost time. The old copies of Curio sat dormant in the files of the journalism room until 2018.

In the middle school the idea for a school newspaper — an idea that was discussed with Principal Mr. Jim Kish — two or three times — was ultimately let it go in favor of other plans. Flash forward to my freshman year, and the inspiration returned. Over the ensuing months, various friends of mine, a handful of the teachers, and I chipped away at the granite block to make the Curio of today take form. What was envisioned as a possible branch of the Whirlwind, to a physical magazine, becomes the club we have today. “It started out as something my friend was planning and telling me about, and now it’s a group of amazing people with many different extraordinary talents,” said Mia McGroarty.

The 2019 Curio finds itself in the form of a blog — a blog you can link to right here (https://curio63.wixsite.com/curio) — designed and maintained by the Curio Staff and filled with the works of students from all grades and classes. Submissions range anywhere from art, to poetry, to short stories, to animations, to photography, and to music, reaching above and beyond what the physical hard copies of the past could display. Following submission guidelines, students can either submit pieces to the main blog, where any and all West G creativity is displayed, or to one of the monthly editions. “I think it’s great that so many people are so passionate about different forms of art and we can come together to create something that the whole school can enjoy,” said Kaden Knake.

At the beginning of each month, a theme is announced for that month’s edition; West G students and Curio staff, alike, are encouraged to bounce ideas off each other, share advice, and provide opinions, creating unique pieces that display how much diversity and creativity can be had from one concept alone. Those working on edition pieces can come in Mondays and Wednesdays, period 5b in room 124 to work on their submissions with each other and receive help from Curio staff.

“I am impressed with the students enthusiasm and the passion with which they collaborate with each other — I would even point to  Valerie Angie’s lead in encouraging people to inspire each other, share work with each other… just kind of expand what can be a part of Curio. I think it creates an inviting culture where it’s not just a literary magazine for writers and poets — its a place where, say, comic artists, photographers, and musicians can feel a part of this club. I think that’s what’s unique about this club that we haven’t had in past Curio’s — it makes it a special club to be a part of,” said Mr. Chris Connell, advisor.