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West G Hosts Open House for Newbury Residents


Photo, Mr. Kish

As the 2020-2021 school year approaches, West Geauga is preparing a warm welcome for its incoming batch of new students from Newbury. “The enthusiasm [our staff] displayed toward the community’s students and programs was excellent. There were many positive comments shared regarding our staff’s professionalism and [the] kindness of our student volunteers,” said West Geauga High School Principal, Mr. Jay Bishop.

On January 15th, teachers, coaches, and club advisors held an open house for Newbury students and parents. Ranging from volleyball to yearbook to band, the various groups one might encounter in the school each set up a table where those interested could come and find information, sign up for future emails or ask questions of the respective coaches and/or advisors. “I felt the event was highly positive,” said Lindsey Elementary Principal, Ms. Deborah Nanney. “I was incredibly impressed and proud of the high school students and staff who showed such enthusiasm and welcomed all the visitors so warmly. It was so encouraging to experience a school community joining together to embrace new members and highlight the many programs and attributes of West G.”

 The event was the brainchild of the West Geauga and Newbury administrative teams and their work paid off; a grand total of around 40 clubs, sports, and organizations attended, along with a wide array of dozens of Newbury residents. “It was an exciting evening filled with energy and community.  It was a sincere pleasure to begin to meet our new families.  We are counting down the days until we can welcome our Newbury students into our respective buildings,” said Ms. Meagan Bellan, Lindsey Elementary Principal. Rather than coming in blind, students who attended will now be able to step into West Geauga, knowing what they might find – and, hopefully, be excited about these possibilities, as well.

Every new school year at West Geauga holds a host of new and exciting possibilities, but the year of 2020-2021 will be one to remember.  With each new student comes different thoughts, ideas, and personalities that can help grow and change our community for the better.

Among the many clubs that were represented, Interact, one of the high school’s most popular clubs, was represented by a booth. Interact advisor, Mrs. Chelsea Talty said, “It was a good opportunity for the Newbury students to come and see, first hand, everything that West G. has to offer.

Mr. Jim Kish, Director of Public Relations for the West Geauga schools, summed it perfectly when he said, “The Newbury open house was an excellent opportunity to showcase many of the great programs available to our students.  We will continue to hold welcoming events as we transition students from Newbury to West Geauga.”