Huílái hěn hǎo at West Geauga

Chinese Class Returns to West G for 19-20 School Year


Mrs. Wu

The West Geauga school district has welcomed a “new” language to the school. That new language is Chinese. Technically it is “welcome back,” as West G previously offered the class, but, either way, it’s good to have the course returning. The instructor who is teaching the class is Mrs. Qian Wu. Mrs. Wu’s previous work experience was not always in education, as in China she worked as an editor before coming to the USA. Miss Wu said, “I like to work with students. I teach them the Chinese language and culture and help broaden their horizons and prepare them to be the global citizens in the 21st century.”

Mrs. Wu has attended high school and college in China. She studied at Nanjing No. 47 High School, did her undergraduate coursework Nanjing University in China’s Jiangsu province, and her graduate school at Cleveland State.

Mrs. Wu has been a part of teaching/coaching for 4 years. Mrs. Wu’s husband is also a Chinese teacher and they live in Streetsboro. When not educating the world about Chinese, she likes jogging, walking and dancing outside of school. On an interesting personal note, Mrs. Wu said she had never eaten any kind of cheese or butter before she came to the USA.

Mrs. Wu feels the students here at West G. are, “… polite, respectful, and eager to learn.” She has also found the faculty to be, “… very nice, friendly, and willing to help others.”

Her goals for her students this year are that they will be able to communicate and exchange basic information in Chinese. She also wants students to be able to explore the Chinese culture and see things from the perspective of a culture different than their own. She is most excited that Chinese is being offered to students in both the middle and high schools. Students are interested in the Chinese language and culture, and they are actively engaged in learning the Chinese language and culture. Junior Patrick Garrett said, “The class has been interesting and I feel it would be very useful after high school.”

A student group from West Geauga has already won a 3rd place in the Chinese Speech Competition at the Confucius Institute at the University of Akron in November. This is quite an accomplishment, considering they had only learned Chinese for 3 months.

Mrs. Wu plans to further develop the Chinese program at our school and is looking to apply for funding. This will run through the Confucius Classroom via the Confucius Institute of Cleveland State University.