Youth Led Prevention Debuts at West G.

Interact Club Expands with New Branch


Emily Allegreti

One quarter into the 2019-20 school year at West Geauga High School, the students are busying themselves with doing well in their classes, making new friends, and, also, joining a new student-led organization — Youth-Led Prevention (YLP).

Run through the high school’s Interact club, the YLP organization is designed to work with representatives from the Geauga County YLP organization to make changes that students feel are necessary to improve the high school environment. Some of those issues could be class environment, free expression of student opinion without suppression, and improving the way things are handled by the administration (from a student perspective).

At the meetings students come up with items they want to change about the high school’s environment, along with ideas as to how to fix them. Following this, representatives from the Geauga County YLP will help the students finalize and facilitate the changes they wish to be make.

When asked about how the organization is doing, Mrs. Chelsea Talty, the high school YLP organization and Interact advisor, said, “The students on this committee have already talked about some great ideas and seem to be excited about this program. I am really excited to see what the year brings!” If you would like to be a part of the West Geauga High School YLP organization, contact Mrs. Talty at [email protected] for information, regarding the meetings and future group events.

The high school’s Youth-Led Prevention organization is just beginning to take shape. Their next organizational/planning meeting for the year is going to later this month on November 21st. To date, support for the club has been tremendous. Both the student and staff bodies are thrilled to see the amazing things that are soon to come out of this wonderful organization.

Senior Emily Allegretti, the committee chair, said, “It’s really cool to be the leader of an organization that I can contribute a lot to. It surrounds school issues that I can improve on.”