Jammin’ with T.B.D.B.I.T.L.

West G Band Plays at Ohio State


Photo Courtesy Mr. Bishop

In late September West Geauga’s marching band performed at Ohio State’s Skull Session as the “warm-up act,” according to band director Mr. Jason Branch, which plays prior to Ohio State’s arrival. They chose Ohio State’s vs. Miami’s game to perform, given that Mrs. Taylor DeSapri, West Geauga’s other band director, performed in Miami’s marching band and Mr. Branch was a member with Ohio State’s marching band. 10,000 people were packed into the seats that day and senior Hannah Barker commented, “It was crazy to have that many people watching us!”

Thus far, they’ve been featured in, but not limited to, the Geauga County Fair and Chesterland Drug Mart Parking Lot Concert. Their next big “show”  will be in Walt Disney World in late November.

Currently, there are (roughly) 155 members in the marching band. If one takes into account non-marchers, the West G middle and the 5th grade bands, there’s a total of about 450 students. Mr. Branch spoke about how to get into band when in high school: “If you are already in band in middle school, then you are able to just sign up. If you are new to an instrument, a skill assessment or readiness check [might] occur with the directing staff.”

The directing staff is not limited to Mr. Branch and Mrs. DeSapri, though. Alumni Brynn Mihacevich, J.T. Wenger, and Tessa Smith have all returned to aid the band in various ways. Ms. Michacevich is a 2 – year Wolverette advisor, Mr. Wenger is a 1 year drumline advisor, and Ms. Smith has been an assistant to the band for one year. “I’m the most excited to go to Disney this year,” Ms. Smith said, “I’ll be taking pictures during the entire trip.”

West Geauga’s band has been readying themselves for this school year for a while. For 2 weeks preceding the school year, they had band camp, which included 2-a-day practices at the high/middle schools. Practices took place either inside of the school building, in the band room, or outside on the Howell or Lion’s Field. Everyone has caught on quite quickly, Mr. Branch noted, mentioning how the freshman have grown accustomed to and are flourishing within the group. “The bands enthusiasm is their strongest attribute,” he said.

So keep up to date with West Geauga’s constantly changing calendar online to see when you can catch the band perform next or simply come out to a football game and make sure you don’t miss halftime!

Good luck with the rest of your season, WGMB!