Annual NHS Induction Occurs

West G Salutes the “Best and Brightest” at Ceremony


NHS Inductee Ceremony

Excellence ! That’s what people strive for in all they do…or at least they should, right ? How many of us actually “get there” and say, “We have achieved excellence ?” In American high schools one way to measure excellence is to apply for admission to the National Honor Society. Admission is governed according to several guidelines:

  • Scholarship
    Per national guidelines, at a minimum, students must have a cumulative GPA of 85, B, 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent standard of excellence. (Each school chapter is allowed to require a higher cumulative GPA.)
  • Service
    This involves voluntary contributions made by a student to the school or community, done without compensation.
  • Leadership
    Student leaders are those who are resourceful, good problem solvers, and idea contributors. Leadership experiences can be drawn from school or community activities while working with or for others.
  • Character
    The student of good character is cooperative; demonstrates high standards of honesty and reliability; shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others; and generally maintains a clean disciplinary record.

“Being in NHS shows that you have a exceptional character, work ethic, and devotion to the community. It is a great honor to be recognized,” noted Luke Hanna.

National Honor Society is a nationwide organization that recognizes student achievement in each of the four areas measured and provides students within the organization the opportunity to serve their schools and communities. There is no set percentage or quota. All students who meet the requirements are invited for NHS membership. “It was an incredible experience and I’m very grateful to have been selected. The ceremony was amazing and it was so cool to hear everyone’s accomplishments over the years,” Jenelle Sparent said.

In recent years, West Geauga has had between 25 – 45 new inductees. “Induction was a great experience; it was so cool signing my name in the book. I also really enjoyed listening to everyone’s biographies because we all have different great things to offer,” said Julia Grabinski.

NHS has been around for a long time and the service point component that students are required to document in school and community organizations can be extensive. This includes involvement in athletics, music/performance and other extracurricular activities, as well as in community/church/temple organizations. Certain activities are awarded pre-determined points (primarily for school-related groups) and community service is awarded points based on the number of hours of service. One needs to have 20 points to have an NHS cord at graduation. Explaining what NHS members do, faculty sponsor, Mr. Ben Speros said, “At minimum, we serve as tutors and help out at various school functions, especially parent – teacher conferences and open house. Some years have been incredibly involved and we have volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House and have done fundraising for local, national, and international groups.” Mr. Speros has been in charge of NHS for 14 years.

NHS Inductees Spring, 2019  (All juniors / Class of 2020)

Elizabeth Angle, Sabreena Ighneim, Jenelle Sparent, Robert Jefferson, Wali Khan, Anthony Tirabassi, Hannah Barker, Kaden Knake, Kevin Wenger, Isabella Burkhard, Sarah Koach, Steven Hensley, Bobbie Carson, Brian Kutcha, Miguel DelValle, Alexander Luther, Torrie Gall, Tayler Madan, Allison George, Kaitlyn Magalski, Julia Grabinski , Shannon McKinney, Luke Hanna, Halle Mihacevich, Sarah Harbert, Kayla Paradise, Bonnie Hartman, Aidan Pitcock, Eli Harvey and Amelia Prexta.

Junior Kaitlyn Magalski summed up the evening well: “The induction was a beautiful, yet simple ceremony that I was honored to be part of. It’s an incredible feeling to be recognized for my accomplishments throughout my high school career and seeing my peers being recognized for their efforts as well. This year’s NHS inductees are wonderful and ambitious group of people, and I’m proud to have been selected as an inductee with them by my side.”