Yep…Making Creative Art

West G Students Display Talents at Geauga YMCA Art Show


Junior Ellie Angle won Best of Show at the 3rd Annual West Geauga Art Show

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

This quote was famously uttered by Picasso to describe the stress and anxieties that are present within our lives, showing how we can rid ourselves of them by simply indulging in art. Many West G students have also discovered this secret.

Between April 8th and May 1st, the Annual West Geauga Art Show will be displayed at Geauga Family YMCA in Chardon. Additionally, there was also a reception on April 14 from 1-3 p.m. where students were recognized for their artwork, as well as an awards ceremony beginning at 2:30. Awards will be given to YMCA’s elected winner and honorable mention for each age group, who will receive ribbons and a free month membership to the YMCA. Age groups span from kindergarten through 12th grade, with all 2D artwork being selected for, “…showcasing the students’ effort, talent and use of creative thinking,” according to West Geauga High School art teacher, Ms. Lori Nells.

This exhibit will feature over 100 pieces of artwork from all different skill levels, which is different from previous years. This is the 3rd year the art program is presenting this, with each year the show becoming bigger and earning more turnout from parents and the community. West Geauga High’s other art teacher, Mrs. Andi Jahnke, shares, “The artwork that our students create changes each year. It is amazing to see the growth of all students from kindergarten to AP Art IV students.”

This art show was created to place more emphasis on West Geauga’s impressive artists, no matter how old or young they are. Mrs. Nells and Mrs. Jahnke are both very excited for this opportunity for their students, Mrs. Jahnke continued, “The art teachers from West Geauga are very thankful to have the art displayed at the YMCA. The art show allows for members of our community to view the amazing art that was created by our talented students.”

Come support West Geauga and all its beauty at the Geauga Family YMCA from now until May 1st! We expect to see you there!

Any questions about this exhibit can be brought to the Geauga Family YMCA or to any of the West Geauga art teachers.