The Moon is NOT the Limit

West G Senior Duo Places in NASA Science Competition


Photo Courtesy Geauga County Maple Leaf

West Geauga seniors Rosie Fahey and Eileen Faulk were recently recognized for their 2nd place finish in the NASA Glenn Research Center’s 2018 Microgravity Expulsion from Water Challenge. They also presented their experiment at a school board meeting. What experiment, you ask ? So did we…

The task was to create a shape, using a 3D printer, from a material that does not “like” water.

Three objects, with one differing in mass from the others, were then sealed in a vessel that was partially filled with water. The vessel was then dropped in the NASA Glenn Research Center’s 2.2-second microgravity drop tower. This tower mimics an absence of gravity. The students measured at how high the objects were expelled from the water and for how long.

After placing 2nd in the competition, they were invited to a meeting in Washington, D.C. to present their findings to businesses and universities at a national conference. Even though NASA did not make it specifically clear as to how, the ladies are confident that their results will be used for something to do with space travel. Rosie, a future theoretical physicist, said, “We learned a lot about new disciplines that are emerging within space science, and we also got to connect with scientists working on cutting-edge research in these new fields.”

West Geauga High School science staff members, Mrs. Aly Ledman and Mr. Alan Duncan, provided the pair with both assistance and experience, helping them along their journey. Duncan said, “They’re going places. I mean, no pun intended, but, the moon is not the limit for them. They can shoot for the stars and keep going.” Without their teachers, according to Fahey and Faulk, a future biochemist, “…we may not have achieved such a level of success.”

You can check out WKYC’s Betsy Kling’s segment at this link: