Porter Leads Swim Team Into New Era

Swimmers Continue Season


Lady Swimmers After Winning the Cleveland Heights Invitational

Four years ago West Geauga hired Mrs. Lisa Porter as the high school’s administrative assistant. This year, however, she is so much more than that. This year she is the head coach for West G.’s swimming and diving teams.

And this did not just happen out of the blue. In high school, Mrs. Porter swam for her school team at Hornell High School in Western New York. “My main events were the 200 IM and 500 free. I also swam AAU (now called USA Swimming),” she said. Her daughter, too, was a swimmer for Berkshire when she was in high school where she, “was the ‘team.’” Porter noted that she, “…was the board – approved representative for her at all events, [and] took care of all entries and anything else that needed to be done.” To this day Mrs. Porter has not given up swimming, either. She has been swimming with the O*H*I*O* Masters for over fifteen years now, and last spring she competed at Masters Nationals in Indianapolis where she, “…swam the 400 IM, 200 Breaststroke and the 100 IM.” Impressive !

As such, swimming has been a part of her life since high school and she is very excited to share her love of swimming with the team’s seniors, Fiona Fisher and Lindsey Kulp, and the rest of the team as well. When asked why she thinks swimming and diving are important, she responded, “I think it’s important because it’s an individual as well as a team sport; you can work on things specifically for yourself, all while contributing to the team.”

She hopes that the team members will, “…gain a sense of unity from the rest of the team. Even though swimming is a very individual sport, having teammates there rooting for you and providing support (as well as competition) is a great motivator, unifier and confidence builder.”

Sophomore Izzy Gennarelli echoed those sentiments about the team when she said, “Swimming is something I look forward to every year. From the bus rides to the meets, to even the locker rooms, I was always laughing to the point if tears. I LOVE that team.”

In the future, Porter wishes to see the team be more competitive at CVC and within the district, too. With her knowledge and experience in the water, Porter is the coach to help them do that.