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WGHS Welcomes Mr. Roger Sines as a New Member of Special Ed


Mr. Roger Sines

Perry High School alumnus Mr. Roger Sines is now at West Geauga High School. After previously spending his years at the elementary school level, he has now been moved up to the “big house” for his 11th year as a West Geauga teacher.

Here at the high school, Mr. Sines is doing the same job he did at the lower grade levels, working as an intervention specialist in our special education department. The role of the intervention specialists is to work closely with the classroom teachers to assist students who are identified as having I.E.P. or 504 plans. Mr. Sines said, “I would like my students to grow academically and socially. I would also like for the students I work with to gain more independence, rely on their abilities [and] also to pass AIR tests.”

In addition to being from our neighboring CVC rival, Perry, Mr. Sines has a “local” connection to his personal life. He is currently married to the former Megan Scott. She is the daughter of long-time Lindsey elementary 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Virginia Scott, and a West G. graduate. Together they have a 15 month old daughter named Harper. Two boxer dogs named Bruce and Remington finish the Sines house.

Before coming to West Geauga Mr. Sines had a varied employment history that included many part time jobs. He can claim “expertise” in several fields having worked at Two Men and One Truck, Meijer, Toys R Us, and Panera. When asked what he was most excited about for this coming this school year he said, “This is my first year at the high school. I was very excited to see students that I have worked with in the past and see how they have matured. I am also happy to be back with Mr. Dahlhofer.”

In addition to his classroom work, Mr. Sines was a middle school boys basketball coach for 10 years. “I knew that teaching is a great way into coaching. I also enjoyed the teachers that I had growing up and thought I could become a teacher. I originally started as a history major but changed over to special education after I shadowed my high school football coach,” he said. Although he is no longer coaching basketball, he has moved on to girls golf here at the high school.

Mr. Sines also shared with us that he is a twin and suffered a “broken” neck in college, fracturing his C7 vertebrae in a car accident ! In his spare time, Mr Sines said like to travel, “I am usually planning some unrealistic vacation that I want to go on. This past summer, I went to Dublin, Edinburgh, and London.

When asked about the one, positive quality that West G has shown him here at the high school, he said, “All the teachers care about the students they work with. The staff (in all the buildings) wants every student to succeed and the staff is dedicated to doing that. Many staff members put more time in than what is expected.”

If you see Mr. Sines in the hall, give him a warm welcome to the high school !