Wilson and Cipriani Join Special Education

2 New Educational Aids Join west G in the 2018 – 2019 School Year


Mrs Cipriani and Mrs. Wilson (L to R)

This year you’ve presumably heard and/or read about all the new faces here at West Geauga High School. And yet, there are still more—Mrs. Deb Wilson and Mrs. Karen Cipriani. Both these ladies join us this year, working in the special education department.

Let’s start off with Mrs. Wilson. She is an educational aide here at the high school. Combining her time at both Metzenbaum and West Geauga, she has 18 years of experience in a teaching position. Having attended Eastlake North High and Lakeland Community College, she, “…loves helping kids and special education.” Outside of school Mrs. Wilson said she, “…works as an independent [providing] for kids and adults with disabilities. I also work with adults with Alzheimers,” she added.

Now to Mrs. Cipriani. She, too, is an educational aide here at the high school with 12 total years teaching experience between being a substitute and an aide. Having attended Chagrin Falls High School and The Ohio State University, she was attracted to education simply because, as she put it, she “…loves working with kids!” Outside of school she plays tennis and loves to read and garden.

When asked about one positive quality that West G. has shown them, their answers were pretty clear. Both Wilson and Cipriani responded that the staff is really committed to the students’ success, with Mrs. Wilson noting that, “Everyone cares about our students.”

It seems to me that both Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Cipriani are very excited to continue their teaching careers here at West Geauga High School and we are very happy to have them!