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Cooey Returns to Classroom in Addition to Math Coach Duties


The more things change the more they stay the same. When you think of math at West Geauga High School, you typically think the name, Ms. Kathleen Cooey. Ms. Cooey is the current district math coach, as well as being a classroom teacher, once again. It’s the best of both worlds. 22 years of teaching experience (19 years at West G) justifies her high position in the math department.

Education was always the first option for Ms. Cooey, as she has never worked in any other field. The “ah-ha” moments along with teaching kids that, “…math really isn’t a scary subject,” pulled her into education. “Math is full of cool patterns and facts that have been there; it just takes some effort to see them,” she added.

Ms. Cooey’s fun doesn’t end in the classroom, however, as she is also a supervisor of the usher department for the hometown Cleveland Indians. When not ushering, supervising or at West G, she lists, “…watching old movies,” with her boyfriend as a pleasant hobby.

To be a professional in education, knowledge, wisdom and a degree must be attained. A high school diploma from Cleveland Heights High and a college degree from Boston University solidify those credentials.

As the district math coach, Ms. Cooey works with teachers at every grade level across the district, looking at lesson plans and teaching/learning methods. Acting as the math coach has given Ms. Cooey a deeper perspective as to how to try to implement strategies that other teachers have tried…and been successful with. She said, “I have had the unique experience of seeing math strategies at every grade level from K – to – 12. I can ‘steal’ cool ideas from all of them to help my current students.”

She also believes that math department is headed in the correct direction. “I am very proud of how much the math department has embraced many changes over the last few years. Your teachers are working very hard to make sure they do what is best for the students of West Geauga.”