A Class Act All Around

WG Choir Boasts Nothing But Class

A Class Act All Around

West Geauga isn’t just busy with academics and sports—it’s also home to a choir program with dozens of dedicated and hardworking students!

There are three different choirs inside of this program: Concert Choir, Chorale, and Class Act. Today, our focus will be on Class Act, WestG’s higher-caliber ensemble with 15 members.

Class Act, rather than being a class, is a club that meets after school on Monday’s and Friday’s for rehearsal. They practice a large variety of music. Mrs. Melanie Kennedy, the choir director in charge of all three ensembles said, “All of the groups do a variety of music. I like for my groups to learn about different genres of music. During the Christmas season, we go out in the community and perform Christmas music. We do a lot of carols during the month! We also perform the National Anthem at events.”

In fact, on February 28, Class Act will be performing the National Anthem and the Canadian Anthem at the Cleveland Monsters (hockey) game. Discounted tickets for the game will be sold by Class Act when winter break concludes, so keep your ears and eyes open!

In addition, Class Act performs at many other special events, including the Santa Breakfast, Toys for Tots, Cedar Point, and (hopefully, next year alongside the rest of the choirs) Disneyworld! If you were on the fence about joining before, you might want to decide soon.

Why should you join choir though, you ask? I’ll leave you with Mrs. Kennedy’s words. “It’s fun. No, seriously. It’s a little break in the day. You come to work, but in a different way. You sing, but you’re creating art with your classmates. You learn about reading music and becoming a better musician and person.”