A Whirlwind of Information…from the Whirlwind

School Newspaper Staff has Names and Faces


Just like Cleveland has The Plain Dealer and News Herald to print interesting and important news stories, West G. has Whirlwind to electronically broadcast the news of the school to teachers, students, parents, alumni, and more !

I know what you are thinking Well, who is on the Whirlwind staff, and who runs this whole shenanigan? The Whirlwind has been advised by West G. English/journalism teacher Mr. Joe Marino since the creation of class in 2001. Prior to that, the paper took a hiatus for several years, as no one on the faculty served as the advisor. A graduate of this very high school in 1983, he has been teaching here since 1993. He is very pleased with and proud of the stories the Whirlwind staff writes. When asked about what he wishes the students to take away from Whirlwind, he responded, “Being published on the Internet is a good way for students to inform the world about the “happenings” here at West Geauga, and parents think it’s pretty cool seeing their children’s names on the web.”

In regards to who is on the Whirlwind staff, there are students from three of the four grades in the high school who devote their time and effort into writing about what is happening here at West G. The Whirlwind staff consists of Valerie Ange (sophomore), Kaitlyn Magalski (junior), Cristal Robinson (junior), Jacob Solomon (junior), Anthony Waters (junior), and Kyle Csumita (senior). In addition, former staff writer Maddie Cook (junior) is a contributor. We are all honored to be part of such an amazing little organization.

The Whirlwind is constantly working to get out stories on the West G. high school website. You can also find our stories on Twitter (follow us), as well as the West Geauga Alumni Facebook page. Make sure to check back often to see what has been going on at the high school in Chester Township. In addition, if anyone has an idea for a story or is looking for something that we should be covering, please drop Mr. Marino and e-mail at [email protected] with the information.