Spirit Week was a GLOWing Success

Homecoming and Powderpuff Events Highlight 2018 Spirit Week


With Spirit Week and Homecoming behind us, for those of you who were not in town, we know you are curious as to how it all went down aren’t you? Here is what you missed!

To warm everyone up for Homecoming and Powderpuff, the week kicked off with the first day of Spirit Week—PJ Day. Without a doubt, no one was missing this one. Sleeping in for 15 more minutes instead of picking out an outfit, especially on a Monday? Mega score. Tuesday brought forth Powderpuff Day, where half the student body dressed in red, while the other half dressed in blue. Put simply, the school looked like the Fourth of July. Very patriotic.

Our homecoming court was announced, this year bringing us not only a Homecoming Queen, but a King as well! Normally, there is only a queen, with a king being crowned at Snowball. Plans were changed this year, and the court represented both sides of the spectrum!

Powderpuff Tuesday night saw a rough and very aggressive battle between the junior and senior girls. In the end, the seniors swept the victory out from under their opponent’s feet (for their second year in a row) by a score of 6-0. Despite their loss, juniors know they’ll come through and take the title in the game next year. Junior Amelia Prexta, who wasn’t allowed to play in the game due to a concussion during practice, (modestly) said, “We didn’t win because I wasn’t allowed in the game—but just wait until I can play next year. We’ll win it, without a doubt.”

As there was no school that Wednesday, Spirit Week jumped right into Thursday’s theme… Neon Day! To say you had to squint when walking through the halls is an understatement. Everyone was bright, not only clothing wise, but with excitement. Homecoming was only two days away, and the football game was only one!

On Friday, the hallways were somehow more intense than PJ Day, Powderpuff Day, and Neon Day combined. Everyone jumped at the opportunity to “strut their stuff” in their West G apparel—and looked really good doing it, too! In the end, Mia McGroarty, Daniel Carcelli, Rylie Hanford, and Richard Kirk won gift cards for their amazing school spirit.

At the homecoming dance, the theme was GLOW. This means exactly what you think it means—glow sticks, neon against black and dark blue, fairy lights, the whole lot. Everyone loved the theme. 550 students attended the dance on Saturday night. The end of the night crowned Kevin Petransky and Lindsey Kulp as 2018’s Homecoming King and Queen. Kevin Petransky shared, “It felt really amazing to be crowned after not having a homecoming king for so long. It was surreal and so amazing.”

At the end of the week, the senior girls pulled through with the win in Powderpuff, the entire school proudly displayed its pride during Spirit Week, and homecoming was, pardon my pun, lit…a GLOWing success.

See you next year when we see the Class of 2020 step up to take over these traditions!