The Sport of Kings…and Queens

Girls Golf Achieves Team Status


High school golf doesn’t get a lot of time in the spotlight. When you think of golf and West G, chances are you can probably remember seeing uniform-adorned boys with golf bags in hand as they walk through the gym hall and pile into the sports van. Chances are you probably haven’t seen the girls  team – perhaps not even heard of them – or even known that West G had a girls golf team. They walk through the gym hall with no golf bag in hand and, for the most part, are not uniform adorned. They get into the sports van when most students and athletes are already gone and heading home. They return to the school when many students and athletes are home and heading to bed. Rest assured, though, girls golf team is here…and here to stay.

The girls golf team consists of five members: juniors Hannah Federico and Janelle Sparent, yours truly (Valerie Angie, sophomore), and freshmen Riley Demeo and Jane Javorek. It didn’t start off this way. At the start of the year, only Janelle, Hannah and I were members. This didn’t bode well for the team. To be considered a team, a squad needs at least four members. This meant that until we secured a fourth member, we could play the matches and the pre-season CVC tournament but would be forced to officially forfeit: a guaranteed defeat, no matter how well the game was played. This didn’t put a damper on the girls, though. In fact, according to Janelle, it did quite the opposite to the moods. “It was funny, and at least we had an excuse to come in last!” she said.

As much as the team – or lack thereof – was fine with the predicament, dedicated coach Mr. Rodger Sines wasn’t. The lack of members threatened to close down the team, and he was not about to let that happen. As an ex-elementary teacher, he knew many of the West G students from when they were younger. Using these connections, he began asking around, explaining the situation to any student who would listen. Enter Riley. She originally joined the team to save it from shutting down but ended up really enjoying the sport. The team was saved. With four girls…soon to be five, when Riley had brought her friend Jane into the mix…they could begin their quest to win a match.

Janelle wasn’t exaggerating when she claimed it was nice to have an excuse for losing. Last year, the team did not win nor tie a single match. This year, there have been no wins as the team approaches its last match and the post-season CVC tournament. However, a tie was secured in the match versus Chagrin. When asked about how the tie felt, Janelle said, “We’re humble. It was just another day.” The team, regardless of the record, feels it is improving and soon will score that first win.

Speaking of the tournament, the pre-season CVC wasn’t so popular with the girls. It was a full 18 holes of golf under temperatures in the high 80’s, no breaks to speak of, lasting for a grand total of eight hours. The girls had quite a few things to say to change about the whole ordeal. “I would change it happening. I would also change how hot it was, but I feel like it made me a better person because I learned to have more patience. Golf is the best sport,” said Janelle. Riley added, “I would make it 6 holes instead of 18.”

Finally, the girls had these words to give to anyone interested in joining the team. “Do it! You won’t regret it. Golf is the best sport ever. People who don’t golf are missing out,” were Janelle’s words of wisdom. “Practices are very chill,” noted Riley.

You heard it here. Although girls golf will be ending very soon, the team is still hopeful of the days to come. The coach and the members encourage anyone – even if you don’t know how to play – to pick up a club and come join next year.