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Local TV Anchors Return to Alma Mater


On Friday, May 25, Channel 19 News Cleveland came to West Geauga, bright and early to broadcast their morning show. Two anchors, Jen Picciano and Jamie Sullivan, were here to interview various clubs, like Academic Decathlon and Academic Challenge, as well as showcase some of the many changes brought to the school since they graduated fifteen and twenty years ago. That’s right, two of “West G’s Own,” were back in the halls, working, where they once were students.

In addition to those two groups, other school organizations like marching mand, the algebra department, girls soccer, boys basketball, and more showed up to share what they do here at West G with the reporters and be interviewed in on – camera segments to viewers all across Cleveland. I, along with Whirlwind staff member Kat Magalski, was there with academic decathlon to show our trophies from this year’s competition and medals that each member won at various tournaments. Senior, Angela Volcensek, spoke to Sullivan about the team’s preparation for the competitions, saying, “We have been working hard all year, studying 10 different subjects, based on a given theme, and readying ourselves for the state’s competition.”

Because of time, the Whirlwind staff was only able to ask one question of each anchor. When asked what it’s like coming back to West G., Picciano responded, “I’m happy to be back!…It’s fun to see all my old teachers,…and to think about the memories here. I, actually, graduated twenty years ago. But, I’m happy to be back.”

To the same question, Sullivan responded, “It’s amazing! I feel as I walk through the halls, all of these cool memories start to pop into place. I remember, the French fries that I would douse with ketchup! The best French fries came from this cafeteria! A lot of the teachers that are still here. I got to hug, four or five of my teachers from fifteen years ago! But, it’s so cool to be back here, walking these halls. Not as a student, but as someone who gets to reflect on my memories.”

West G. would like to thank all the Channel 19 staff who helped out with this event. The school is excited to see what alumni will come back and visit in the future.