This Teacher Fit West G. to a “T”

Toriello Ends Wolverine Run

Captain Jack !

Captain Jack !

West Geauga has said good bye to Mr. Jack Toriello. He is finishing his career as a geometry teacher at the high school and has been at West Geauga, “…since the cows came back home,” he said.

Mr. Toriello is retiring after 19 years of teaching at West Geauga. Mr. T is a very popular teacher amongst the students and is known for his funny stories and positive attitude. He says, “I’ve had so much fun that it’s difficult to leave.” The students have obviously enjoyed his time here, as Mr. T has been selected “Teacher of the Year” on more than one occasion by the senior class, an accomplishment he was justifiably proud of.

Mr. Toriello’s “fondest” memory has been all the students he had the chance to teach. Not only was Mr. T a math teacher, but he also hoped to teach the students class etiquette, being on time skills, and the importance of, “…being nice to everyone.” He was always there to offer a smile and wise advice. In fact, when asked about how kids today are “different,” he replied that, “Kids are much nicer these days.”

Mr. Toriello is now ready to spend the bulk of his time focusing on his grandchildren and his wife, Pam. He also plans to travel to Florida, where many students know is his favorite vacation spot. Mr. T started out teaching in Newbury after graduating Kent State University and is ready to end his career at West Geauga.

Mr. Toriello’s advice to his students is, “Use education as a vehicle to get you where you want to go and stay safe out there.”