West G Did Not ReLAX This Spring

Lacrosse Closes Season with Winning Record


With a final record of 8-6, it’s safe to say the lacrosse team climbed mountains this year. Coached by Ms. Amber Baker (yes, the same coach as our volleyball team) and Mr. Anthony Tadaj, the team has been growing into this program for the 10 years it has lived and breathed under West Geauga´s athletic department; and the plan is to improve it more and more in the upcoming years.

Their season – ending loss to University was a staggering 25-3, but they have big plans to return next year and be stronger than ever. When prompted about how practices typically went, Coach Tadaj said, ¨[You have to] show up on time, give everything you got, go home and get ready to do it again tomorrow.¨ He has a history, himself, with the lacrosse team, playing at West Geauga in high school and coaching here previously, as well as at a different high school. On the topic of practice, senior Thomas Magalski said, ¨Coach Baker and Tadaj shoved us to improve, and, although we hated it at the time, the struggle proved worth it during games.¨ Coach Tadaj also joked about how this helped them reach their main goal–to score more than the other team.

This year the team had plenty of talented and promising seniors: Trent Fritzche, Bryce Townsend, Jake Curtis, Ian Sanfilippo, Thomas Magalski, Marco Marino, Chris Kollar, Joey Camino, Joe Zargari, Justin Wesen, Christian Dibra, Tyler Hackleman, and Anthony Leonard. The boys all thoroughly enjoyed their last year on the turf, despite hardships the team faced together. Joe Zargari said, ¨I´ll miss working with everyone–working as a team. No matter what, that was the most important thing. Working and growing together as a team.¨

Coach Baker looks back fondly upon this season, loving her journey with the various personalities of West Geauga. ¨When we started this journey at the beginning of the season, I never knew how awesome it would be. We helped each other out and made it work and had a lot of fun in the process.¨ She also noted, ¨There was never a dull moment, and I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to be with this amazing group of gentleman this season.¨

West G´s LAX program continues to stand up proudly and we hope to see a full grown “tree” blossom sooner, rather than later, rooted right in the center of West Geauga’s spring season.