Out with the “New” and In with the “New”

Choir Department Welcomes a New Member and Waves Goodbye, Too.

One Baby Bundle of Joy

One Baby Bundle of Joy

Mrs. Melanie Kennedy, one of West Geauga’s vocal music teachers, is returning after a surely enjoyable maternity leave, and we wave goodbye to the West Geauga Choir Department´s long term sub, Mr. John Pasternak. Today, we look back on the Pasternak myth and legend and fill you in on the joyful new addition to Mrs. Kennedy´s family!

Mr. Pasternak studied at both Cleveland State and Kent State after attending Nordonia High School. He’s not only a choir director, but, in fact, he specializes in directing bands, conducting many in his past five years working in this field. It all started when he began composing music in junior high for fun. What once was just a hobby to pass the time quickly, however, soon spiraled out of control as he found what he wanted to do in his life. Not only does he direct both choirs and bands, but he also composes music for RWS Music Company and Carl Fischer behind the scene. “Since I am a composer, I tend to listen to classical music to study other composers,” he said, showing his true colors as to what he’s passionate about.

He told Whirlwind that teaching at West G has been an amazing experience that he’s loved throughout the journey. “The students here are wonderful and very talented,” he shared. “They are very passionate and dedicated to the art of singing, which I have great respect for.” The students, in turn, saw this respect and reflected it right back to him, enjoying his “fun and engaging” teaching style. “He was such a nice teacher,” said junior Ashton Keeler. “He always had a smile and a wave for us when we came in the door.”

Now, however, it is time to return that wave, only this time, to say goodbye. We wish Mr. Pasternak the best of luck in his travels and we hope he truly enjoyed every second at West G!

Now let’s move on the cute side of things. A baby girl ! The newest addition to the West Geauga family was born to Mrs. Melanie Kennedy and her husband, Matt, on December 24th, 2017. Her name is Jacqueline Olivia, or “Jackie.” “I’m so glad to be back. It’s been a journey with Jackie; she’s teaching me new things every day,” said Mrs. Kennedy.

Congratulations to the Kennedy family on their baby girl, Jacqueline !