West G Art Students “TAG” the Staff

Staff Works Create a Critique Moment


West Geauga High School had its first ever “art gallery” that showcased works of art from teachers, principals, and the superintendent. Mrs. Andi Jahnke, one of our two art teachers here at the high school, created a ‘TAG’ lesson to allow her Art I students to work on critiquing various forms of artwork.

Students were brought into the library, which had been transformed into a make-shirt gallery. At each station a “masterpiece” was displayed and each student had two minutes to “tag” the artwork, not knowing who the artist was. Students Told the artist something they liked about their work, Asked them a question about the piece, then Gave advice and constructive criticism.

Mrs. Jahnke thinks, in addition to being able to participate in the “creative” process that art affords,  it is also important for art students to be able to communicate why a piece is (or is not) successful. Furthermore, the students had to explain why they personally liked or disliked the piece. Evelyn Converse, a student in Jahnke’s Art I class explained, “There were many different styles that I never imagined could be so beautiful.”

Ms. Kelsey Fladda, one of West G’s math teachers, surprised everyone with her talents. She was just one of the many talented contributors hidden throughout the teaching staff. I am extremely proud of my students and the ‘new’ West G artists,” Jahnke noted.

Other staff members, however, took on a more comedic approach. Mr James Klein, an English and speech teacher, created a piece of art titled “Holey Cow,” which was a drawing of a cow with holes running through the paper (this was my personal favorite). “I loved the involvement from different staff members,” said sophomore Brian Kuchta.

Hopefully, we will be able to see artistic talent from more staff members in the future. Mrs. Jahnke proudly explained, “This educational experience proved how talented our staff is at West G. Students truly enjoyed seeing their work in the art gallery and they were actively involved in the critique process for each art piece.”

The West Geauga Art Gallery was a fun new way to get students excited about art and to get them thinking about what art has to offer below the surface.