West G’s “A” Train Keeps Rolling

And the “A” stands for Academics

The 2018 ACADEC Team

The 2018 ACADEC Team

In the last article I was writing about a building called West Geauga High School and how they were taping the Academic Challenge TV show. Well, the “academic train” is still rolling along, as West G. just won 63 medals at the state competition for Academic Decathlon, also known as “ACADEC.”

The ACADEC team, led by history teacher Mr. Ben Speros, consists of 15 members, including myself. Throughout the year, as a team, we have been reviewing many 100+ page packets, containing information about this year’s topic. The topic for this year was Africa, based on a book called Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. The information was tested at both the regional competition in January, as well as state, which was this past weekend at John Carroll University in University Heights.

In addition to West Geauga, other academically strong schools like Willoughby South, Eastlake North, and Oakwood High School also competed. While all the teams performed well this year,  West G definitely took out the competition, earning the previously mentioned 63 medals. One of our team members,  junior Alex Novitski, won 6 gold medals. Sophomore Kaitlyn Magalski also won two medals.

It is a bittersweet victory, though, because this year ACADEC will be losing two of its key members. Senior Angela Volcensek will be graduating in June. She has put in so much time and effort into not only ACADEC, but also her four AP classes. Angela has applied to schools like Rochester and UPenn with her 4.75 GPA. When asked about ACADEC, she said, “Academic Decathlon has truly changed the course of my high school career and it has given me the wonderful opportunity to meet new people and challenge myself academically.” Angela is a very strong competitor in these competitions and will be missed.

David Delacruz, also a strong senior competitor, will sadly be leaving the team at the end of this year to head off to college, also. Winning a number of medals, himself, this past weekend, it will be hard to replace the talent and passion that David brought to the group. He will do great things in the future we are sure.

Mr. Speros is incredibly proud of all the members of the ACADEC team for how well they did, and also the amount of effort they put into the club this year. He would also like to note that if any students here at the high school would like to join ACADEC, they can contact him for details.

The ACADEC team did fantastic this year, but we hope to do even better in the future, winning ALL the gold medals the competition has to offer.