Challenges are ALSO Academic

Academic Challenge Team Competes at Channel 5

Its ALL Academic at West Geauga

It’s ALL Academic at West Geauga

In the western part of Geauga County lies a small high school by the name of, you guessed it, West Geauga High School. At the school there are many programs the students are able to sign up for to participate. One of the programs is Academic Challenge.

The group is coached by math teacher, Mr. Ethan Teare. He is in his fourth year at West G. and it is his third year coaching academic challenge. Mr. Teare says that academic challenge is, “…a group that competes in various trivia-based competitions, ranging from the local show, to school hosted invitationals, to trivia nights.” Mr. Teare enjoys his work as the coach of academic challenge very much and is fired up for every competition that he and the team attend. Members of the team include Sydney Velotta, Nate Grabinski and Greg Goden.  Alternates included Mike Concilla, Adam Riedel and Hannah Barker.

Over the past two years the team has competed at a .500 (win-loss) level at each competition they have been to. This week of January 21, the team had its recording session downtown at the WEWS t.v. station. It was exciting for Teare and all the members on the team. When asked about the recording session, Teare responded, “I was confident we were prepared and had an opportunity to perform well going into the competition. It will be difficult, but we are confident in our ability to produce results. Our team is knowledgeable, competitive, and personable.” A coach who is very invested in, proud of, and good towards his team, for sure ! Despite this, he only has (roughly) thirteen students on his team…but no freshman.

If you are a freshman and would like to join academic challenge, see or email Mr. Teare for details. Besides, being in academic challenge has great potential benefits for the participants’ futures. It will help students make decisions and lead under pressure, as well as serve as a good competition platform for those who do not participate in a sport. It can also increase the students’ team building skills for after they graduate.

In the future, Mr. Teare hopes to replace the talent that he and the team are going to lose due to the graduation of its seniors, and also become a known presence at more competitions to come. He has high hopes for his team and the team is right there, behind him, to support him and themselves by doing the best they can. “It’s a great way to have fun, be competitive, and expand your brain! Mr. Teare is an awesome advisor!” said sophomore, Hannah Barker.

Academic challenge is a fun, competitive, skill building club that anyone can join. A guaranteed good time also comes with it. And in the words of Mr. Teare, “Go Wolverines!”

The show will air on March 31st on WEWS, Channel 5.