Mission Nutrition is Now Complete

1984 Graduate Promotes Healthy Lifestyle Choices to Student Body


Healthy Eats for All

As the 2017 – 2018 school year has continued, the West Geauga Speaker Series has exposed students to a variety of topics that can be useful. From study skills to the opioid crisis, the student body has been informed and advised. But have they had any fun ?

Last week registered dietitian (and Class of 1984 West Geauga alumnae), Ms. Laura Hartung, spoke to the student body about health, wellness and the importance of how present lifestyle choices can impact one’s future health, both physically, mentally and spiritually.

Ms. Hartung, who worked out of the greater Boston area for 17 of her 26 years as a dietitian, has moved away from the corporate world and has taken her one – woman message on the road, trying to spread the good word about health and wellness in a more global perspective.

Her 30 minute presentation covered a variety of topics, ranging from the world – wide “blue zones,” where the earth’s healthiest people live, to basic informational messages like how many grams of sugar men and women need each day to maintain a healthy diet.

Throughout the presentation, students were “encouraged” to participate, and those who did were rewarded with a variety of snacks, ranging from nuts – to avocados – to sardines – to peppers. Sophomore Bianca Insana said, “She was very entertaining and her energy engaged my attention.”

During the, at times, raucous interaction between Hartung and the students, the message of “You are what you eat,” was constantly reinforced. Hartung made sure the students understood that, “Food can be medicine,” and a vehicle to improving health, wellness and one’s life well into the upper ranges of age.

West Geauga English teacher (and 1983 West G grad), Mr. Joe Marino said, “When I heard Laura was going to be in town, I thought it would be a good idea to secure her for the speaker series. All too often, young people just worry about the ‘here and now,’ so it was good for them to hear some information about how their present decisions can have long – term benefits (and consequences) to their future health and wellness.”

Ms. Hartung closed by saying, “I loved coming back to West G after 30 years to entertain and educate. My mission was to engage the students and excite them about making healthier food choices. Their feedback and participation made it fun. More sardines, greens, beans, broccoli, nuts, peppers and prunes for all ! Mission nutrition…complete.”