Interacting With Our Community

West Geauga Service Club Provides Volunteer Service


Photo Courtesy of West Geauga Yearbook

The West Geauga Interact club is in full swing this 2018 school year. Last year, the Interact club had over 100 active members. Those members volunteered more than 1,200 hours of service throughout the community. There have been roughly 30 different events that the students have devoted their time to, helping others so far this year. Interact advisor, Mrs. Chelsea Talty said, “I think it is amazing how these students donated so much time and made a difference in so many lives.”

This year the club is run by a handful of upperclassman including, President Ayah Ighneim, Vice President Sydney Velotta, Secretary Mackenzie Hanford, and Treasurer Lindsey Kulp. There is also a general board of members, including Grace Carter, Rachel Ange, Matthew Stewart, and Jack Musser. There are currently 139 members, but, as the year progresses, the numbers continue to rise. There are 28 seniors in the program this year.

Last year, Interact held an Interaction, which was a huge success. There were more than 200 students who devoted their time to attend this event. The students came from 17 different Interact clubs around the area. As a group, they voted by a large margin that they would like to help raise $20,000 for an International Grant.

In the near future, you will see Interact raising money for a grant to build schools and deliver school supplies to people in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands who are in desperate need. Interact will be hosting another movie night in the spring. They also will be participating in Chesterland Rotary Club’s Shining Stars event and the annual Interact Color Run. The Color Run is in May and is always a hit for the community to take part in. There is also the annual Jazz Band concert in March, where the club promotes music education.

In March the annual elections will be held to elect the new officers for the upcoming school year, so they can begin to attend board meetings to learn their new responsibilities.

When Mrs. Talty was asked about her favorite part of Interact she said, “Seeing all my students having fun while helping others, watching them make a real difference is so rewarding. We are currently participating in a Rotary district – wide grant to raise $20,000, which will be matched by the International Grant Committee to make $75,000 to send to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This was an initiative that was started at West Geauga, and our officers petitioned help from other clubs to make our goal.”