It’s all Greek (and Latin) to Them

Latin Club Continues at West G


Photo Courtesy of West Geauga Yearbook

West Geauga offers a number of different clubs for student participation. Students can join a club, based on their interests/skills, and, from art club to robotics, students are sure to find a club that fits. For anyone interested in Greek Mythology, Latin Club is for you! Mr. Aaron Graora runs the show and is known to be a staff favorite. He decided to continue Latin club for the past five years after the club was started by the previous Latin teacher, Mr. Bill Preuter.

Mr. Graora attended Hiram for the first three years of his college career but then transferred to John Carroll to finish his Classical Studies major and Master in Education. Although Latin is the only subject he teaches, his knowledge of ancient Greek Mythology comes in handy for Latin Club.

The club usually has around twelve members who meet during 5a on Monday’s. In the first semester, members took the Mythology Exam and racked up some pretty impressive scores. As for the second semester, the members are planning on taking a field trip to do an escape room based on the Labyrinth of Greek Mythology. Museum visits are also on the agenda for Mr. Graora.  When asked about the club, sophomore Zoe Meyers said, “It’s about the myths, gods and goddesses and that stuff really interests me.”

Does that sound like something you would be interested in? Well you’re in luck! Anyone can join the club, even without taking Latin. Latin club focuses more on Mythology and history, but you’ll learn the language when discussing word origins.

Mr. Graora loves being able to dive deeper into the Greek Myths. He explains, “Most books, movies, plays, and shows are based on ancient myths. There are a lot of great discussions.”

So if you are interested in gods and goddesses, monsters, and myths, Latin Club is for you!

Mr. Graora concluded with, “The Language may be ‘dead,’ but the myths live on in our society.”