AP Art Goes Downtown

AP Art Class Visits Museum


Ms. Nells’ Museum Movers

Among its many advanced course offerings, West Geauga High School has an Advanced Placement art class. Ms. Lori Nells is the class’ long – time teacher. When Ms. Nells was in high school, she dreamed of becoming a teacher. She went to Baldwin Wallace and Hiram College for her education. Speaking of education, for the 2017 – 2018 school year, there are currently 8 students enrolled in the class. What the class might lack in “quantity,” it more than certainly makes up for in “quality.”

This art class is different from a regular art class in several ways. The most notable is that students have the option to receive advanced placement credit; this can give them a head start on those soon – to – be – costly college credits. In addition, The AP art class does not work on a single piece of art per se. Instead, they study about the history that art, looking to gain a deeper understanding of the work’s meaning and influence. To supplement the classroom experience, the class has taken two field trips this year, one of which was to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Here the class examined the history of ancient/early Christian cultures.

Concerning the field trip, senior Grace Carter noted, “I had been to the museum of art many times before, but it meant so much more having taken an art history class. As we walked through the galleries, we all pointed out artistic styles we learned about and talked about what the pieces mean. It was a fun experience to see what we had learned about in school outside of the classroom.” Ms. Nells echoed that thought, citing one her favorite quotes: ‘’A good artist knows how to compose a picture, enlarge our understanding of a theme or enrich our perception of form. But a great artist can open us up to a whole new world of feeling and seeing.”