Little Women Plays to Enthusiastic Crowd

West Geauga Stages Little Women


Photo Courtesy Mr. Bishop

This past fall season, West Geauga’s drama department put on its production of Little Women, a musical based on the book by the same name, written by Louisa May Alcott. The story, to give a quick summary, is about four girls and their lives both during and in post-Civil War America. It was put on by a cast of 14, 10 girls and 4 boys, with dramatic director, Ms. Alli St. John and musical director, Mrs. Melanie Kennedy.
Mrs. Kennedy, choir director at West Geauga, decided on this show when she found out she was pregnant. As she would be on maternity leave beginning in December and running into 2018, she decided to switch the order of the fall play and the musical around. “Because of this, I had to look at some options that would work for a smaller cast size, and had not as much dancing,” Mrs. Kennedy explained. “As it turned out, Little Women was the perfect fit for what we were looking for!”
After months of rehearsing, which Mrs. Kennedy claims is her favorite part, as you have to make the most of the long hours, it was time to put on the show. The performances were on two consecutive days and they attracted a very involved and enthusiastic crowd. Sophomore Aislyn Clark, who played Marmee (Mrs.March) in the musical, shared, “[The audience] laughed at the punchlines and they laughed at jokes we didn’t think they would. They cried at some sad parts, like Beth and Jo’s duet, and danced to more upbeat music. Overall, they were very into the performance and enjoyed it as much as we did.”
Little Women’s director, Alli St. John, is new to directing shows for West Geauga, and is heading the spring play, Curious Savage. Auditions were held just before winter break began, and performances will be March 16-18. Please make time to come see the shows and support our drama department!

The complete cast for the show included…

Tessa Smith (portraying Jo March), Caitlin Speyer (Meg March), Abigail Moore (Beth March), Megan Speyer (Amy March/Troll), Aislyn Clark (Marmee), Sophia Hackathorn (Aunt March), Autumn Converse (Mrs. Kirk), Autumn Converse (Mrs. Kirk), Aidan Bryson (Laurie/Rodrigo), David Allen (Mr. Laurence), Zachary Edwards (Mr. Brooke/Braxton), Mark Kiec (Professor Bhaer), Angela DiNardo (Hag), Raeanna Cenni (Clarissa), Rebecca Saggio (Rodrigo 2), Illiana Levinson (Knight) and Chorus/Dancers: DiNardo, Cenni, Converse and Levenson.