West G Spirit Hits Downtown at the Q

Cheerleaders Perform with the Cavs


West G Spirit at The Q

In November the West Geauga High School cheer team had their long – awaited “debut” on the big screen: to be more specific, the Quicken Loans Arena JUMBOTRON ! The West Geauga girls, along with cheerleaders from 40 other local high schools, spent 3 hours at Cleveland State University, learning a new dance that would be performed during the Cavalier’s pregame festivities. The show was organized by the UCA/NCA cheerleading association, which had their own cheerleaders at CSU to help teach the dance.

At the Q, the girls eagerly awaited their chance to shine at center court. While the ladies were waiting, a familiar face made his way down the line. Cleveland Cavalier’s player, J.R. Smith was making his rounds, encouraging the ladies and giving the all the girls “high fives” before his game vs. the Atlanta Hawks.

When “showtime” arrived, each girl put on her “game face” and gave her all to the performance, which, don’t forget, was a dance they had just learned hours before. West Geauga’s cheer coach, Mrs. Christine Czikray said, “It was an amazing experience for the girls!!  After they performed, they stayed and watched the game.  It was a great day!”

West Geauga’s staff  loves to plan special experiences for the students that allow them to learn and grow outside of the classroom. The cheerleaders are just some of the lucky student athletes who get to take their talents above and beyond. “It was a cool experience and I hope we can do it again in the future,” said junior Sam Paros. This opportunity is sure to be remembered by the ladies who participated for a long time and it was appreciated by all the girls. It’s not every day you get to dance on the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball court, now is it ?