Is Paper and Pencil Testing Obsolete ?

Standardized Testing Goes Digital

The choice of the Future is NOT Paper or Plastic !

The choice of the Future is NOT Paper or Plastic !

Have you ever dreamed about a combination of the AIR and SAT assessments? You haven’t ? We didn’t think so ! But that does not mean that someone hasn’t come up with that idea. A practical merging of these two difficult tests is possibly occurring, and that is sure to make some kids lose sleep across the country.

This school year, the College Board will take a step in administering the SAT digitally by partnering with the AIR assessment team, or the American Institutes for Research. In December, a test run of this new platform will be issued to partner districts. In addition, the PSAT was/is to be issued digitally along with its brother test. Many believe this is an advancement and improvement in the “testing community,” but others are still wavering a little.

This new approach at SAT’s might benefit students, as in this day and age, people are more accustomed to the digital platform. Most students’ schoolwork is done online as is, like essays submitted through Google or labs and videos on Moodle. Keeping it consistent with the same platform could help students relax during tests and not feel as stressed by new material. This could then, in turn, result in higher test scores.

If you’re someone who dislikes the new approach, don’t fret too quickly. Paper and pencil SAT tests still remain an option. Now students merely have a choice between digital or physical. But you might want to let these computerized tests “grow” on you, as the possibility of AP tests going digital is an option that the College Board is beginning to discuss as well.

West Geauga is soon to be home to these shiny new SAT’s, and not many people are complaining. “It’ll make things a lot simpler,” said Rosie Fahey, a junior. “I have to take SAT’s soon and I’m intrigued to see if it’ll feel easier or not when you’re actually in the testing room.” Sophomore Maddie Cook sees it in a different light and quickly shared, “I hate online tests. Hate them. I’d much rather take the tests on paper.”

Do you agree with Maddie or Rosie? Which group will/would you choose to be in for the upcoming SAT’s and soon –to-be AP tests ? Time will tell if students have a choice and whether or not it will be a tool to help students score better on the assessments. We’ll keep you posted.