Political Vision is “20 – 20”

West Geauga Sophomores Help Fox 8 Forecast Political Futures


Lights – Camera – Interview

Sophomores at West Geauga High School will have the chance to vote in the 2020 election. Many people wonder how these youths will vote and their stance on various issues. Fox 8 News is interviewing sophomores across Ohio to get an idea of where the new voters stand on the political scale, concerning relevant current events.

Todd Meany, a reporter from Fox 8, is interviewing two sophomores from six different school districts across Ohio, including West Geauga. Two West Geauga sophomores, Hannah Barker and Brian Kuchta, were selected to part of this small, but highly visible target group.

High school Principal, Mr. Jay Bishop, chose these students because they are intelligent and respectful people who would be good representatives of the class of 2020. Mr. Meany reached out to many schools, and Mr. Bishop was more than happy to accept this invitation to make a few of our kids visible.

Hannah said that she hopes these interviews will encourage teenagers to become involved in ‘adult’ conversations. She says she wants fellow teenagers to know that, “…we can never be too involved; get involved in politics and know who you vote for.”

These select students will be interviewed twice per year for next three years, leading up to the election in 2020. Mr. Meany asks the sophomores how they feel on certain current issues in the world. For example, one question asked, “What do you think should be done about global warming or climate change?” Fox 8 hopes to see highly developed answers and to lead us to a brighter and defined political standpoint by the time of the next election. Brain said, “Children grow up to become leaders or voters in the country, and the interview reflected how our minds will develop into these positions.”

Tune into channel Fox 8 at 6 PM on Election Day, November 7th, 2020, to get an idea of how future voters and leaders feel on important issues. We’ll keep you posted !