Be Advised…5th Period is Now Informative

Speaker Series Exposes West G Students to New and Different Topics


West Geauga is speaking up! High school principal, Mr. Jay Bishop and our new high school media specialist, Mrs. Sarah Thrasher, have been working hard to give the school “advice.” Starting this November, every Tuesday and Thursday, the school is bringing in a guest speaker to talk to the students about current and relevant topics to their teen aged lives. Freshman and sophomores will be attending the speaker sessions on Tuesday’s, while juniors and seniors attend on Thursday’s during their advisory periods.

Advisory period is a semi – new activity that was initiated last year at the high school. During 5th period, each student goes to advisory for one – half the period, where s/he can meet with teachers for academic help, attend club meetings, receive intervention for AIR test – related issues, or just “hang out” with a staff member and converse ! Every speaker lined up has volunteered his/her time to talk about these important topics, including some teachers. After giving a presentation on study skills, social studies teacher, Mr. Wes Rogge said, “I was excited that they were such a good audience.”

When asked where the inspiration for this new program came from, Mrs. Thrasher said, “Lots of students [want to] just sit around during their advisory. This gives them the opportunity to use their time to learn about new and important topics.” Many students are happy to finally have something to do during their mid-day break. Senior Brianna Scigliano said, “I’m excited for the ones about college. I feel like it will help me be even more prepared and I might learn something I didn’t know before.”

This program is unique to West Geauga (as far as we know) and students are lucky to have such a great group of staff and experts, providing this experience. The plan is for this to become a tradition at West G, so students will be able to expand their knowledge on many topics: something that other schools might not provide.

If any students have a request for speakers, or would like to volunteer their own time to speak about something they’re passionate about, feel free to talk to Mr. Bishop.