Kickin’ it With Kenny

West G Band Visits Fox 8 Morning Show


What is the best way to start a day in Cleveland ? While that opinion might vary, for the West Geauga Marching Band, there was no better way to start a day than to “Kick it with Kenny.” As in Fox 8’s morning man, Kenny Crumpton ! On a very early Friday a few weeks ago, early as in 6:30 a.m. early, the band was preforming on Fox 8, outside of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in downtown Cleveland. Here is the link to some of the event:

West Geauga’s band director, Mr. Jason Branch, received an email invitation, inquiring as to whether his band would come to play for Fox 8’s segment, “Kickin’ it with Kenny.” The marching band performed numerous songs, including “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen and multiple songs by Fallout Boy like “Centuries.” The band also played the West Geauga Fight Song, which is famously known on Friday nights to all who attend the Wolverine football games. The band also featured a solo, performed by senior, J.T. Wenger, who played the quads upside down on senior, Jon Stewart’s shoulders. This act was certainly one of the highlights of the day and is shown in the video above, as well as the band’s performance.

Students including Hannah Barker, Rebekah Armstrong, Justin Wesen, Mark Kiec, and JT Wenger, as well as director Mr. Branch, were interviewed by Kenny. Mr. Branch expressed his pride in the band by saying, “The band members who come back year after year and show dedication to music and the organization just shows us, the band directors, that they really do love being in the West Geauga Marching Band.” Of the approximately 130 students in the band, 28 of them are seniors.

Students have the chance to start playing in band in 5th grade, meaning some students have been performing under Mr. Branch for 8 years. Practices start in August and are about 6-8 hours per week. Senior Mark Kiec said, “We started practicing in August, learning the fundamentals and the marches for the football games. It was a little hard at times but also a lot of fun.” Justin Wesen, also a senior, has rigged his tuba with a Go-Pro, filming the performances each Friday night. Sophomores Hannah Barker and Rebekah Armstrong, said that they chose to participate in West Geauga’s band because of their love of music and to strengthen their skills, while also being a part of the school community.

The West G Marching Band will be attending a college band clinic and also traveling to Chicago where they will perform in a museum in the future. Sophomore Sarah Harbert said, “These events are great opportunities to showcase our band to new places and to make a name for the West Geauga Marching Band.”

Come cheer on West Geauga’s Marching Band at the last two Friday night football games!