West G Band Rocks “the Shoe” at OSU

Band Performs in Columbus


We all know Friday night football would not be complete without a halftime show. Anyone who sticks around at halftime of these games knows that the West Geauga Marching Band has quickly gained the reputation of one of the best bands in the land…or, if nothing else, at least Northeast Ohio. On Saturday, October 14 they had the chance to prove it…and prove it, they did.

In the famous Horseshoe stadium at The Ohio State University, 43 high school bands met to show off their skills and observe others. After all their hard work, the bands returned to the stands and watched the Ohio State University Marching Band take control of the field.

Our band students attended this event under the direction of their band director, Mr. Jason Branch. Branch was a member of T.B.D.B.I.T.L (for those who don’t speak “Ohio State,” that is The Best Darn Band In The Land) from 2004-2008. While at OSU, Mr. Branch was the A1. For those who do not know OSU band “lingo,” this means he was the section leader of Row A in Position 1.  BIG TIME honor and very impressive.

Mr. Branch (along with all his associate and assistant directors) has taken our marching band and made it a force to reckon with. In “the shoe,” the WGMB performed National Emblem, Eleanor Rigby, Uprising, and Stairway to Heaven. If you’ve never heard Led Zepplin performed to band music, well, you have no idea what you’re missing.

Our band proudly spelled out “WEST” across the field, the same way the OSU BAND performs, “Script Ohio.”  Ben Kovacic and Rich Kirk both performed solos on their instruments during the show, also.

West Geauga was ecstatic to send our marching band down to the capital. Mr. Branch says he is, “Proud of all the band students and the hard work they have done all season in preparation for this event.” Just one more reason we can say that, “WEST is BEST.”