West Side Intervention

Ms. Ashley Dudas joins the Wolverine Nation as Staff Member


Each year at West Geauga, like every school across America, we see new faces. One of our new faces this year is Ms. Ashley Dudas, who is an Intervention Specialist at the high school. Ms. Dudas is, “…very excited to be [at] West Geauga. It has such a strong community base and I am happy to meet new families and students!”

Ms. Dudas is a “West Sider” at heart. She attended Parma High School and furthered her education at the University of Akron and continued at the Cleveland State University.  This is her sixth year teaching; her first five teaching years were at Normandy High School in Parma where she taught algebra, world history, and government, as well as an intervention class. Before Ms. Dudas started teaching, she worked at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, selling tickets and working in customer service when she was in high school.

West Geauga warmly welcomed Ms. Dudas into the community. Ms. Dudas said, “So many people have entered my room just to say, ‘hi’ and introduce themselves!” She is excited to be teaching and excited to meet her new co-workers and her students. Ms. Dudas was inspired to teach by previous teachers she’s had and by her passion for helping people learn. She has worked with people all her life and she has come to really enjoy it. Ms. Dudas was positively surprised by the amount of school pride that West Geauga students have.

Outside of school, Ms. Dudas enjoys crafting, reading, watching sports, and shopping. She likes to attend local craft fairs and craft on her own, most likely Cleveland sports apparel or Harry Potter crafts. For the Harry Potter fans, she made a “Free Dobby” sock holder this past summer.

A little known fact from the, “That’s Interesting” department about Ms. Dudas is that she once touched Justin Timberlake at a concert !

Welcome to West G, Ms. Dudas !