Spirit Week 2017 Concludes

West Geauga Puts Some “Pep in the Step” for Spirit Week


Photo Courtesy Pastor Photo

One of the highlights in high schools across America is the annual Homecoming (HOCO for short) Week each fall. West Geauga was no exception in 2017, as Wolverine Pride could be seen throughout the community.

West G had a busy week, starting off on October 2nd, with each day sporting a theme to allow students the chance to “dress up” and participate in the fun. Day one of Spirit Week was Pajama Day, followed by Tie Dye Day, Neon Day, Hawaiian Day, and concluding on Friday with a festive School Spirit Day. Spirit Week encourages the students to grow in excitement for the upcoming dance: in this case, HOCO. The dance took place on the following Saturday, October 7th and was attended by over 520 students, according to Student Council advisor, Mrs. Stephanie Meyer.

Student Council decorated the hallways to celebrate the occasion, dressing it up in blue and red on Sunday, 10/1/17. In addition to dressing up people and the hallways, with Spirit Week came with a chance at a participation lottery–a chance to win Chipotle gift cards! Students who were caught in the act of “having spirit” were entered into the drawing and 5 winners were announced at the pep assembly: Hannah Federico, Jonah Mishaga, Joey Hefler, Valerie Angie, and Emily Kamensky all scored a $20 gift card for being in the “spirit” of things.

In a formal assembly on Tuesday, our HOCO Queen Court nominees were introduced. They included seniors Sydney Palivec, Caitlin Speyer, Cristina Formichelli, Kylee Sherwood, and Samantha Ange. The student body was also introduced to senior Chloe Lemieux, whose hard work to achieve high academics was rewarded when she was honored as a National Merit Commended Student (story to follow in the near future).

The football field was lit up for more than Friday Night Lights last week, as Wednesday was the annual PowderPuff game, pitting the junior girls versus the seniors. This year, the juniors won 8-6 after a tough battle, scoring on the last play of the game and snagging the extra point with no time on the clock. Senior Sydney Palivec said, “It was a fun game but very disappointing to lose.” Junior Anna Jadrych countered with, “Even though I got hurt at the end of the game, it was worth it because I got to beat my sister.”

Friday night was the football game versus Orange. During pre-game ceremonies, the marching band and Class Act vocal group performed. Despite some audio problems with the microphone, when the homecoming queen was announced, Sydney Palivec ended up being crowned. The game was a tough battle between two evenly matched teams, but, in the end, West Geauga fell to Orange, 27-20.

Students began their Saturday mornings earlier than usual to prepare for the Hollywood themed dance. Some walked that extra mile, going out to have their hair and nails done, while others preferred home pampering. A good handful opted for pre- and post-games, whether it be going out to eat or gathering to take pictures. In the end, everyone was together in one compact, sweaty gymnasium for a few hours, doing his/her best to enjoy the time while it was still there. The sophomore quartet of Emma Carlson, Bianca Insana, Lindsey Diedrich, and Carla Kless commented, “It was enjoyable, the decorations were great, the DJ was acceptable, and it was a good night to dance with friends all in all.” One complaint they can all agree on was the lack of water bottles for the students. Halfway through the night, it had run dry, and everyone was panting for the drinking fountain.

Homecoming week appeared to conclude successfully and efficiently this 2017, with many students reporting their severe case of “Post Homecoming Depression.” Hopefully, it didn’t affect their grades and attendance too much, come Monday morning !