Our Girls Want to VOLLEY All the Time

Volleyball Continues 2017


Pastor Photography,LLC H

Photo Courtesy Pastor Photo

This year our Lady Wolverines volleyball team has really been working to perfect their “serve and receive” game, concentrating on making smart decisions, and keeping the ball in play. So far, it’s a work in progress ! Senior Cameron Zimmermann echoed those thoughts, saying, “We have a lot of talent, but it [has] taken most of the season to pull it all together.”

The varsity is comprised of 10 girls, consisting of 5 seniors and 5 juniors. The 5 seniors include Jill Jevinkar, Ellie Jadrych, Cameron Zimmermann, Carla Cavasinni and Sydney Palivec. Jevinkar, one of the captains, said, “Over the season the girls have really come together and grown as a family.”

When asked about this year’s team, second year head coach, Mrs. Amber Baker said, “We are off to a rough start, this season with only 2 conference wins. Our record is 2 – 9 on varsity, but the JV currently is 8 – 3.” To prepare for the 2017 season, the team won their summer league. “I am very confident in each girl’s ability,” Coach Baker added. Palivec agreed with that, saying, “Everyone played her part and, even though we have not one a lot, we’re still a good team.”

When asked how the team prepares for the season and each game, Baker explained, “We watch films to see what we need to work on at practice for the next game.  We also really focus on serving and aim to not miss a single serve per match. We have a strong arsenal of hitters.” To help add some firepower to the offense, the squad recently brought up junior Anna Jadrych and sophomore Sarah Koach. “They have been amazing,” Baker added.

Coach Baker said finishing in the middle of the pack is a realistic goal for the conference at this point in the season, but stressed that, “We will need to win a lot of games on the road. Sports are 90 percent mental, so we are focused on having confidence in ourselves and our teammates. Together, we can accomplish anything.”