It’s all ACADEMIC to these Decathletes

Academic Decathlon is Back


West Geauga’s 2017 Academic Decathlon Team

West Geauga’s version of Academic Decathlon is a student club led by Mr. Ben Speros, a history teacher at the high school. This club tests students’ knowledge of various subjects, which are centered and organized around a larger theme. Students practice skills that are useful inside and also outside of the club. Each year they compete in a state competition.

Each year at the state competition, students must write an essay, prepare a speech, participate in an interview, and give an impromptu speech. They are then tested on the 7 subjects, including science, literature, art, music, social studies, math, and economics. “In looking at all of these different topics,” Mr. Speros said, “it is hoped students will both gain a better understanding of all areas, and that they will also discover more about what they like the best.” Students work in groups to prepare for the material that is tested through presentations and quizzes.

The state competitions are held at John Carroll University for two days. Last year was West Geauga’s first year competing and they placed first at the competition in their division. The club also competed in a scrimmage in March. To prepare for these competitions, the club meets every 5B advisory period in Room 121. They started these meetings on the second day of school. Mr. Speros tries to keep the outside-of-class work to a minimum. Although there are no formal leaders, the veteran club members from last year are looked up to by newer members.

If you are looking for an educational club, then check out Academic Decathlon. This is a serious club, but it will pay off in the end. Scholarships from both the state and national Academic Decathlon associations are available to students who perform exceptionally well. Students of all grades are welcome to join the club.

Good luck to the club members in the 2017-2018 school year!