Do a Split, Give a Yell

Wolverine Cheerleaders Put Some Pep in the Crowd’s Step


Photo Courtesy Pastor Photo

It’s no secret that Friday night high school football games can be the highlight for many students, parents, alumni, and “local’s,” in the fall. Chesterland is no exception. Each week is filled with surprises and nail biting moments.  The field is home to hard working students, adrenaline, and most importantly, Glitter! The West Geauga Cheerleaders take it upon themselves to hype up the fans in the stands. It is an undeniable fact that you can’t help but smile when you see our ladies in blue and white, making their way down the track, pom-poms and all.

Coach Mrs. Christine Czikray, who currently has a daughter in the cheer program, runs the show as the advisor. When asked what it is like to be the team advisor, Mrs. Czikray said, “I really enjoy the dedication and enthusiasm the girls have for cheerleading and the Wolverines.” The girls work very hard for their spots on the squad. Cheer camp began two weeks before school started, which was every day, three hours each day. Now, you can find the cheer squad perfecting their skills twice per week during the season. The girls practice their “crowd pleaser,” chants, which are cheers that encourage everyone in the bleachers to get loud and cheer.

There are eleven seniors on the squad this year. Jillian Alioto, Sami Ange, Allison Bisker, Maggie Carmigiano, Katie Darrah, Angelina Fornaro, Sarah Graber, Calie Huge, Mirielle Korting, Tara Ritt, and Julia Sassano are all returning for their second years on the varsity. “During tryouts, the scores determined who would be on the squad,” Mrs. Czikray explained, when asked why there were so many girls on the team.

All the girls “get along” great. Many have been cheering together since a young age and have formed strong friendships. Maggie Carmigiano was happy to share: “Cheer isn’t just a sport; it’s a family”. The three cheer teams (freshman, JV, and varsity) all take pride in doing their parts. As the freshman football team has a shortened schedule this year, when they do not have a game to cheer for, they join the JV squad on Saturday mornings.

As long as our Wolverines are fighting on the field, they will always have a (very) full cheer squad backing them up. Our girls’ smiles are contagious and are sure to make any fan join in the famous “Wolverine Rumble.” The girls have been working very hard all season and everyone is looking forward to seeing their dance at the Homecoming Assembly.