West G Math Department Adds a Member

High School Welcomes New Staff Member


Ms. Fladda and…you guessed it…Marvin !

As the school year winds down, we wanted to highlight that the West Geauga High School  math department received a “fresh face” earlier this semester. After long time middle school teacher,  Mrs. Sandy Razzante, returned to the middle school to continue teaching alongside her former colleagues, we have the opportunity to welcome Ms. Kelsey Fladda to the high school staff. Ms. Fladda, our new algebra and personal finance teacher is, “…SO excited to be here” and looks forward to coming to school every day to work with her students.

Still living in North Royalton, where she has lived her whole life (minus the time she spent at Cedarville University in Dayton for college), Ms. Fladda lives with her dog Marvin: “the sweetest there is,” she noted. Marvin makes an appearance in Ms. Fladda’s class every week as a part of, “Monday’s With Marvin,” where she shares an adorable picture of her pup with her students.

In her free time, Ms. Fladda loves to be outdoors. Camping, hiking, you name it! If it’s happening outdoors, she is likely to be outside with Marvin, exploring the Metroparks. Another leisure activity she participates in is volleyball. She bumps sets and spikes year round. In the heat of the summer months, she plays on the beach and during the cold brutality of an Ohio winter, she plays indoors.

After budget cuts eliminated her job at her former school, Ms. Fladda found herself here at West G for her third year of being a teacher. Although her job title as a teacher is relatively new, she’s known since 5th grade she wanted to be an educator when her math teacher demonstrated what it really means to be an outstanding teacher, Fladda followed in her footsteps. “She impacted my life for the better; and I want to give back by helping my students grow and succeed, just like she helped me. I also love math…that helps too.”

This is how Ms. Fladda found her calling, and the students and staff at West G are thankful she did! Welcome to West G !