Senior Maddi Johnson Reigns Over Geauga

Maple Festival Crowns Wolverines as King and Queen


West G Royalty

Royalty is among us! West Geauga senior, Maddi Johnson, has been crowned the 2017 Maple Festival Queen. Going up against four other contestants, the pageant took place in April where Maddi was deemed the winner. With her new position, she looks forward to being a positive role model and representing Geauga County.

Maddi has had her eye on the crown ever since she was younger and saw the queen in the Maple Festival parades. She attends the festival every year and was further inspired to apply for queen because she finds joy in being involved with the community and interacting with her peers. She is proud of her new status and will be a strong role model for younger girls who also might be looking up to her, hoping to be queen one day. She hopes to represent Geauga County to others as it is to her, “…an inspiring place full of opportunity and strong community.”

The application process began in February and consisted of filling out a questionnaire of academic achievements, athletics, and other school and community involvements. Maddi was easily able to fill her application with her participation in AP classes, varsity hockey, student council, Interact, Teen Institute, the Mentor Skating Club, Geauga Horse and Pony Association, and 4H. Inside and out she is strong individual who positively represents her community. The judges also conducted interviews in March, which gave them more insight to the personalities of the potential queens. The girls were then required to volunteer at the Stir Booth in Chardon all throughout March. These last two months have been packed full of new experiences for Maddi during this involved application process.

Another new experience Maddi took part in was the Maple Fest Queen’s Pageant. This was Maddi’s first pageant. The pageant was, “…very nerve wracking,” she said, but also, “lots of fun!” She was able to get through it and performed her 3-5 minute speech perfectly and clearly answered the spontaneous question. The queen from last year attended the pageant and was with the contestants every step of the way, calming their nerves and giving advice. Other notable winners from the night were R.J. Jefferson, a West Geauga freshman who won King, and Maddi’s own cousin, Teddy, a second grader from Munson, who won Prince. Maddi was very honored to compete against the other qualified girls and said, “All the contestants were amazing; everyone was a Queen.” Her positivity carried her through the night and her pageant smile never faded.

The biggest challenge for her so far has been speaking confidently in public and letting her personality show on stage. She believes this experience has helped her grow in these areas and is thankful to have had the opportunity to work on them while making great friendships. The best part was being around good people who shared the same values and interests in volunteering. This process was also made easier with the help of her friends and family who helped with and listened to her practice her speech every day. It was a huge part of the pageant, so she gives a big thank you to everyone who has supported her. She is grateful for the interviewing and public speaking skills she has gained and will wear her crown proudly to show the hard work she has done to earn it.

The Maple Fest Parade is her favorite part about the festival, so she was very excited to sit in one of the main floats this year. Another responsibility she has is attending other festivals and queen pageants around Ohio for the next year. “As Queen I am a role model and have to represent Geauga County at other OFEA functions.” Geauga County has shaped who she is today and entering this competition was a way to share her love for the county while also giving back and enjoying her hometown before she goes away to college.

Maddi will be attending Miami University in Ohio in the fall and majoring in bioengineering with a minor in mechanical engineering. Her community and school involvement will not come to an end, as she plans to participate on the competitive intercollegiate skating and equestrian teams at Miami.

We wish the best of luck to Maddi for her next year as Queen and hope she continues to promote royalty in all aspects of her life.