Spectacular Seniors’ Stars Shine Spectacularly

Annual Senior Show Showcases Talent


The Grande Finale

The annual West Geauga Senior Show took place Friday, April 21st in the West Geauga Middle School. In a departure from previous years where there were multiple participants, only twelve seniors were involved this year, Austin Maguire, Ashley Gianguzzo, David Sprenger, Rionna Bryson, Hannah Fox, Sabrina Sugar, Chase Waterman, Jorge Mirabelli, Miles Canton, Bobby Kelly and Jason Gialamas. What the roster lacked in quantity, however, the participants more than made up for it in effort, talent and FUN !

 The event did not charge admission this year but still managed to raise $90.00 for the After Prom committee via donations. With all of these fabulous acts, the roster of participants brought in an audience of roughly 150 spectators.

During the show Hannah and Rionna each performed 3 solos, Sabrina had 2 solos, Austin had 2 solos and he and Sabrina sang a duet. Chase and Jorge played guitar and sang 2 songs.  At the end of the show, Jorge, Miles, Bobby and Jason played as a band with Bobby singing and also playing guitar. They had everyone on their feet as they sang and played four songs. During the act, Jason Gialamas also asked his girlfriend to prom mid-song while wearing a horse head mask.

The parent leader of the event, Mrs.  Janice Gianguzzo would like to thank Austin Maguire for being the student leader of the event, her daughter Ashley Gianguzzo for announcing the whole event, and junior Elizabeth Marino for helping with the sound. When asked about the event, Mrs. Gianguzzo said, “These kids got up and did what they wanted as probably the smallest talent group in school history. I am very proud of them for stepping up and not letting the annual tradition die.  They all seemed to have fun and that was what is important to me. I wish them all the best and will remember them fondly.  To the class of 2017, CONGRATULATIONS !! get up and glow brightly in your endeavors.”