A Different Kind of Experiment

Science Faculty Member Welcomes New Addition to Family


Welcome, Olivia Meyer

On March 8th, 2017 Olivia Joyce Meyer was brought into the world at 10:33 pm. The 20.5 inch (beautiful), 7 pound – 11 ounce baby girl was born to her parents, Mrs. Stephanie and Mr. Rob Meyer. Mrs. Meyer is a member of the science department here at the high school.

From that day on, the Meyers’ lives were changed for the better. Things have been going great so far. “Olivia is so perfect, we’re enjoying our time together and adjusting well. A newborn is a lot of work, but it is so rewarding and I am loving and cherishing every second,” said Mrs. Meyer. The biggest change the Meyers have had to overcome is their new schedule. Everything is now on Olivia’s schedule…including sleep! It was a big change to go from their old, daily schedule to their new “normal” schedule.

While on maternity leave, former science teacher Mr. Mark Walton has been filling in Mrs. Meyer’s spot. However, she has had little communication with him, so she is able to adjust to the new schedule without stressing about school. The thing she misses the most about West Geauga is her schedule and interaction with the students.

One thing all “new moms” say, but do not realize until they are one themselves, is how amazing motherhood is. “I knew it would be, but really didn’t understand how wonderful it would be and just how much I would love my little girl right away,” said Mrs. Meyer.

The “coolest part” about being a new parent, according to Mrs. Meyer, is seeing Olivia grow and change each day. Every day she is interacting and smiling more, while learning new things about life.

As for the future, Mrs. Meyer will not be coming back for the rest of this school year, except for a couple visits, no doubt with Olivia in tow. She will be back for the 2018 school year in August to resume her teaching schedule.