Senior Interns Explore the Real World

Field Experience Enhances the Seniors Last Two Weeks of High School

Senior Interns Explore the Real World

The seniors at West Geauga High School are presented each year with the opportunity to participate in a Senior Internship Program. The internships take place for two weeks at the end of the year and give students the opportunity to gain real world experience in a potentially desired future field. The goal of the program is to provide meaningful, real – life experiences in careers that they might pursue one day.

This year the internships will begin on May 8th and go until May 19th. All seniors are encouraged to participate and the school usually has a significant turn out with an average of 100 per year who participate. This year approximately 70 students have submitted paperwork. To be able to carry out an internship seniors must first secure a faculty advisor and seek out a work site. Once students have their plan, then they must complete the program’s application. Many students utilize this time to gain hands on experience out of school.

One senior, Alec Newlon, has paired with a past neighbor of his at Lancor Partners in Chagrin Falls to carry out his internship. Alec is planning to study business at Ohio State University and believes that being involved with this company will give him a unique insight into the area of headhunting.  When asked is this could possibly be something he wants to pursue in his future he said. “…for sure.” This opportunity will give him, and all of the other seniors involved, an encouraging look into their possible futures. Internships have also been carried out at the Rock Hall, hospitals, local businesses, and more. Many have found the program to be very rewarding and, “Overall, the feedback has been incredibly positive,” says Mr. Joe Marino, who is the administrator of the program. He believes the experience is greatly beneficial and has been the director for the past 3 years the program has been active. “What originally started as a way to help manage seniors’ behavior that last two weeks of school has evolved into an awesome experience for many of our students. Some of these kids are doing amazing things in the real world, while still in high school; it’s really impressive what some of our students have done.”

The Senior internships program is another way West Geauga successfully prepares its students for their lives after high school. While the application deadline has passed, anyone still wanting to do an internship can go to Room 111 at the high school or access the application on – line at the school’s website.