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Our Science Olympians

Our Science Olympians

At West Geauga there are a plethora of activities for students to join. The school offers the “standard” extra-curricular’s like athletics and drama, but the school also offers a series of academic clubs. One of these academic clubs is Science Olympiad. Science Olympiad is a club that allows students to compete regionally for recognition in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) – related events, as well as building events.

The club’s well equipped staff includes advisors, Mrs. Ally Ledman, Mrs. Kristen Gregory, and Mr. Jeff Novy. The staff trains and advises a group of 25 students, including team captain senior David Sprenger.  When asked about his favorite part of the club, David (a two year veteran) said, “…being able to learn about areas of science that I wouldn’t be able to learn in class.” The team meets roughly four times per week in and out of school, but the few weeks prior to a competition, the club meets daily for last minute preparation.

In a single meeting, members prepare their reference materials, which can range from a lonely piece of paper to a monstrous binder.  Students involved in the building events map out their next construction. While the club has the necessary 15 students to compete, they are continuously searching for new members for upcoming years.

Saturday, January 7th, the team took its skills to the Westlake Invitational. There was a total of 60 teams participating, including the Wolverines. At the competition the events each lasted for 50 minutes and were most certainly not short of challenges. The students battled it out with tests on science subjects like forensics or building a multitude of obscure structures. The Optics team, David Sprenger and Lexi Ober (‘18) placed 8th, the Chemistry Lab team David Sprenger and Marissa Barbieri (‘17) placed 9th, and the Building team Ben Kovacic (‘18)  and Arden Frankmann (‘19), finished 19th. Congratulations to all for positively representing West G with their scientist skills.

Next year the team hopes to improve their building skills and recruit more students to become involved with the club. The team works tirelessly to go above and beyond to not only show their skills to other schools but also constantly improve themselves in science subjects that might not be offered at school.

West G commends all involved with Science Olympiad for their thirst for knowledge and quest for improvement in all things scientific.