The HeART of West G

Art Club Making a Difference in the School and Community

All the World is a Canvas

All the World is a Canvas

Students have been walking the halls of West Geauga High School since 1950, but there is still something the school is missing. Senior Gabi Engoglia is here to change that. As president of the art club, she strives to brighten the school’s environment and help the community through art.

The club has been active for 2 years now thanks to Gabi. She worked with Mrs. Andi Janhke , one of the art teachers at the school, to start the club in October, 2015. They wanted to create a club that would bring together all the students who share a love for art. The club meets during period 5A, or sometimes on Monday and Wednesday nights for a night studio, and currently has about 20 members. With the constant involvement and exposure the club has in the school, it is most likely to grow.

The club is highly involved inside and outside of the school campus. The art club spreads cheer through the halls of the high school with all of the teacher’s door decorations and other creative artwork everyone sees. The club also creates anything from Mother’s Day paintings to making ceramic bowls for a soup kitchen. All members are involved with brainstorming ideas for projects they are passionate about and believe will be beneficial. It is a very inviting atmosphere where students can give their input and work together. “When we work together, create art, and help the community along the way, it makes the experience more memorable,” Gabi says.

One of the largest projects the art club carries out is its Canvas Night. This school year it was held on December 1st and was a great success! The purpose of the night was to raise money for needy families in the West Geauga community. All participants paid $30 and were supplied with a canvas, brushes, and paint to create a painting together. Fundraising was also achieved by donations from local companies, and the staff and students were generous and supportive by giving their loose change at lunch for the cause. With all of the profits, the club was able to sponsor two families and provide them with a Christmas dinner and presents. This was a very rewarding experience for the club, and they continue to look for ways to help the community and the school.

Gabi plans on majoring in art therapy and possibly minoring in art history and is grateful for the opportunity she has had to share an important part of her life and inspire others. Just like Gabi, there are many imaginative minds in the world.

All students are encouraged to join the club and work towards making magic through art. “To me, the school has been a little brighter since art club started last fall.”