Computer Science and Robotics Take Center Stage

West G Enters the Wild World of Coding Through Classes and Clubs


Imagine a world where you can do whatever you want. A simple process that takes your demands and puts them into action ! With the many different languages of coding and computers, this thought is an everyday reality. Coding has been slowly taking over our world for years now. Programmers design and control many types of programs and use this seemingly foreign language to do so. Items that have become an everyday necessity like cell phones, computers, and cars, are strengthening our technological power. In this digital age, many jobs are also on the rise, linked to computer science and an increasing need for the understanding of programming and coding. It is no surprise that with these trends, West Geauga offers the programs to shape these future computer scientists.

West G is involved with coding by offering a programming class, and AP computer science class, and a robotics class and club. The programming class is an introductory class where students learn the fundamentals of coding. The AP computer science class takes coding to another level and students deal with more advanced and challenging material. This class is designed for students planning to go into the computer science field. The robotics class is a great introduction for students interested in the field and it includes more design and implementation aspects. It is an easy and understandable start for those beginning to learn, and the class uses Lego’s to carry out the programs. The club, on the other hand, introduces metalwork and more electronics, which makes it possible for the members to design anything they can imagine. The robotics class and club ultimately give students the opportunity to put programming into action.

Students who take these classes and participate in the club gain a large set of skills. Not only do they better their programming skills and learn about computer science, students also learn problem solving skills and how to think critically. Learning these skills– and programming–are important today because coding powers our world. “Most everything you see, use, and hear has software,” says Mr. Brian Spotts, the programing and computers science teacher who also runs the robotics club. Everything uses coding. The average person cannot go one day without seeing something digital, and everything digital has to be programmed. Our everyday world relies on coding, and this importance is seen by the student body as well.

Many students are involved in the classes offered and the club. “Those who take the classes seem to really enjoy them,” says senior Nick Luther who has taken the programing and robotics classes and is involved with the club. “I’ve always found coding and building fun. I enjoy understanding how things work, even if I never use it for a job, it’s nice to know and have it.”  He shares these feeling about programming with the many other students who are involved with it, and the skills they all learn with help them in their future no matter what they do.

Coding is a large part of the world and West Geauga has follows the trend and giving students who are interested the opportunity to explore this valuable domain.