West G Library is FAIR About Reading

Book Fair Exposes the Student Body to LOTS of Literature

West G Library is FAIR About Reading

These are exciting times for the West Geauga High School Library. The week of November 16th through November 18th, Barnes and Noble sponsored a book fair, filled with novels of some of the best authors, dating all the way back to Alexander Hamilton. For every book sold, a small percentage of the sales profit goes to the school to buy new books. Organized by West’s own librarian, Mrs. Molly Brunner, the book fair was a success while also benefiting the school’s library. Book fair attendee, junior Sydney Palivec said, “The book fair had a lot of different books from different categories to pick from but it also had little gifts we could buy for the holidays.”

When asked about the motive for West G to hold a book fair, Mrs. Brunner said “Really, it’s two fold. We’re trying to make money to improve the library’s selection, but we’re also trying to up the kids’ enthusiasm for reading.” The fair displayed many realms of the young adult genre to do just that. The participation rate was much higher than expected due to the wide range of books that were offered. The book fair even had a table especially for the “artsy crowd” that had young adult coloring books as well as art supplies. The success of the book fair was also due in part to the hard work of Barnes and Nobles representative, Amanda, who worked the register. Brunner and Amanda exchanged ideas for several weeks prior to the event to ensure the best possible outcome.

Although the books were the main draw to the book fair, Anna Kopp, the author of the Lifeblood series also made an appearance to kick of the fair on Wednesday. Many English classes around the building had the opportunity to hear about her newest novel and ask her questions about her writing. The one thing Kopp wanted to instill into the listening students from  her talk was that anyone can write if s/he tries hard, but they have to try really hard. The author originally was born in Russia and moved to The United States at the young age of 11. “You have to learn something before you can master it,” Kopp says. “I had to learn English before I could write stories in the language.” She also believes that aspiring writers should read as much as possible, as it can immensely improve writing.

Fortunately, the fair went smoothly and many students showed up to support it. The library staff also believed it boosted the school’s enthusiasm and readiness to read. Students now have brand new material to indulge in. So West G, pour yourself a cup of hot tea, snuggle up under a blanket and crack open that John Green book you’ve been dying to read.