And the Beat Goes On

West G has Academic Momentum Moving Forward


Supt Markwardt and Mr. Dahlhofer with the Letters

The West Geauga Local School District is at it again. Notified via a letter from Mr. Thomas Gunlock, president of the State Board of Education, Westwood Elementary School, Robert C. Lindsey Elementary School, and West Geauga Middle School have been awarded the 2016  Momentum Award. The State Board of Education recognized these schools for “above average student growth” over the past year. The schools received and A-grade rating on every value-added category from the 2016 Ohio School Report Card like reading and mathematics. The schools have exceeded expectations, and they represent the strong school system West Geauga continues to be.

The letter from Mr. Gunlock read, “The Momentum Award recognizes schools that have received A’s on every value-added measure included on the 2016 Ohio School Report Card. Your report card for the 2015-2016 school year indicates that your pupils made greater than expected progress in reading and mathematics.”

This award is a huge honor for the schools and the community. “They show what can be accomplished when students, parents, teachers, and administrators work together and support each other,” said superintendent Dr. Rich Markwardt. He is very appreciative of the work and dedication of not only the students but also teachers and administrators like principals Mrs. Denise Brewster (Westwood), Mr. Ron Dahlhofer (Lindsey), and Mr. Jim Kish (WGMS) who helped make this recognition possible.

West Geauga was honored with this award along with other districts in the area like Chagrin Falls, Orange, Solon, and Mayfield.

This achievement shows that we can rise up and be with the best schools around, and it is another way we prove that West is Best daily.