Usted y yo y el bebé hace Tres !

Spanish Teacher Talty Welcomes Luke to the West G. Family


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As many of you may know, high school Spanish teacher, Mrs. Chelsea Talty and her husband, Mike, had a baby! Little Luke was born on June 2nd of 2016.

Although being a new mother might be completely exhausting, Mrs. Talty said it’s awesome. Babies are just learning to discover all of the new things around them, always so fascinated and curious about everything. Señora Talty said she, “…loves watching him discover new things every day.”

After being out for most of the first quarter on maternity leave, she is very happy to be back in school and with all of her Spanish students again. Mrs. Talty said she had a difficult time, knowing she wasn’t able to be there and help them learn, but there was a retired Spanish teacher in as the sub, so she knew they were in good hands.

Many mothers wish they can stay home with their new children all the time, but managing both work and school were important to Mrs. Talty. Knowing she gets to see her “other kids,” makes it easier for her to leave for work every day.

“The most difficult part of being a new mom is definitely the lack of sleep,” Talty said. Waking up at 5 AM every morning on top of only getting a few hours of sleep every night can really take a toll on a person, especially when there’s a child to be taken care of. Luke eats at around 3 a.m. every morning, so that tends to mess with the sleep schedule a bit.” Mrs. Talty says she gets about 4 to 6 hours of sleep every night, but some days it could be 3 or less.

She says the greatest thing about being a new mom is when Luke looks at her and just has the biggest grin on his face because he’s happy to see her.

As any parent knows, with a baby that needs being taken care of nearly 24 hours of the day, it’s hard to find your “me-time.” Talty said her parents live right around the corner (she is a West G graduate) and are always willing to watch Luke if the need arises. They take him for a few hours, sometimes even an entire day.

Congratulations to the Talty family on your new bundle of joy, Luke !